About Us

Why Choose Us?

It’s pretty easy for us to say that we’re amazing, because we’re biased. We know. But the truth is our team is different than any other B2B agency you’ve worked with before because we bring all that we have to the table, as professionals and as people.

Whether we’re laughing together on a Zoom call, adding more time on our calendars to fit in extra client meetings, or working until we get a campaign just right, we provide a service that others can’t contend with. And there’s one reason why.

We treat everyone like humans.

There’s no copy and paste, no service without high-quality support, and honestly, no business without our clients. We know this. And that’s why we’re different.

We put our clients first. We own up to our shortcomings and celebrate the heck out of our successes. We throw dance parties, live in vans, tell our team to take time off when they need it, and most of all, we treat and see our clients in the same way that we see ourselves: as awesome humans.

If you don’t believe us, see it for yourself!

Braden Wallake, Chief Executive Officer

Emily Chucta,
Chief Operations Officer

Erin Maxson,
Chief Marketing Officer

Chaitin Maycott, Chief Product Officer

Chief Fun Officer

Brianna Toney,
Client Success Manager

Megan McGraw,
Client Success Manager

April Lozano,
Workflow Jedi

Cystal Tariga,
Workflow Jedi

JayAr Bejosa,
Graphic Designer

Jamie Quinn,
EU Manager

Jil Anderson,
Finance Manager

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