Devebyte LinkedIn Sales Case Study: Generating $115K in Revenue in 6 Months

The Business

Devebyte is an SEO-focused digital marketing agency in Edmonton, Canada. 

Founded by Danny Pizarro & Justin Jones in 2016, they have built a great reputation in their area with innovative SEO tactics that drive results. 

Devebyte takes pride in having fantastic technical skills. They are always investing in their own education so that they can bring the best SEO and other marketing tactics to their clients.

They go above and beyond in their technical skills because they have a bigger goal than just marketing: they want to create the most opportunity possible for their clients so their clients can continue to put food on the table for their families and employees.

The Challenge 

Both Danny & Justin were both still working full-time corporate jobs and running Devebyte before work, during lunch breaks, and in the evenings at the beginning of 2019. 

They wanted to take their agency to the next level so that they could quit the corporate grind, but they had one issue: They were stuck at ~$10,000 in recurring revenue each month. 

Justin & Danny were focusing their marketing efforts on two main avenues: Google AdWords and Facebook ads. They knew their services were top-notch but these marketing avenues were not giving them a full pipeline and were giving them short term clients with high turnover rates.

The HyperSocial Solution 

Danny & Justin heard about LinkedIn for lead generation at a marketing industry conference. Like good B2B business owners, they did a lot of research, and then reached out to a LinkedIn expert: the CEO of HyperSocial, Braden Wallake. Together, they came up with a custom LinkedIn campaign that would be run through Justin’s personal LinkedIn account. 

The HyperSocial Team did research on Devebyte, optimized Justin’s profile, and created a highly custom 5 message sequence campaign.  The messaging positioned Justin as an SEO expert to his new connections, provided value to his connections with the offer of a free SEO audit, and then asked for a meeting so they could review the audit. 

Once the plan was in place, Justin’s dedicated account manager at HyperSocial started sending custom connection requests to 100 highly targeted business owners and decision-making marketing professionals in Alberta, Canada each day. 

The HyperSocial Results 

Both Danny & Justin quit their corporate jobs right before starting their LinkedIn campaign with HyperSocial. The pressure to get results with their new LinkedIn campaign was on.

In the first 5 months of Justin’s HyperSocial campaign, he has averaged 2,268 connection requests, 467 new connections, 997 messages sent on his behalf, 179 replies, and most importantly 5  meetings/sales calls each WEEK!

Because Justin’s account was doing so well, the Devebyte team also added Danny’s personal LinkedIn account 3 months into working with HyperSocial to increase the amount of people they can target each month. They are seeing similar results with Danny’s account as well. 

Danny recently told us that, “This service has been our best source of leads and best source of revenue so far.” 

Overall, since starting with HyperSocial in October of 2019, Devebyte has added $11,000 in recurring revenue each month, meaning they have doubled their monthly revenue just using the HyperSocial LinkedIn service. 

Even better, the clients their LinkedIn campaigns have brought to their business are proving to have higher lifetime value, with 25% signing 6 month contracts and 75% signing 12 month contracts. 

This is reducing the churn and uncertainty of monthly revenue they were experiencing with their previous marketing efforts, providing them stability in their business which they desperately need.

If you love numbers like the HyperSocial team does, we did the math, and Devebyte’s LinkedIn campaigns have generated over $115,500 in guaranteed revenue in just over 5 months of working with HyperSocial.

Here’s a few extra statistics about their campaign:

  • Average Connection Rate: 21.86% 
  • Average monthly sales calls/meetings: 43
  • Generating revenue: 115,500
  • ROI: 3,319%

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what Danny had to say about HyperSocial.

Danny’s advice for prospective HyperSocial customers: 

Be patient. With any marketing, it’s going to take a few weeks, a month or two to work out all the kinks, and then once you start seeing good results, in terms of lead flow just make sure you are staying on top of your leads, and follow up. I think you have to follow up the same way with calls and emails. Keep following up until they say no because they most likely are interested they are just busy. We’ve noticed that we do have people come back a month later and ask to get on a call because they are interested: they were just extremely busy when originally reached out to. 

We have also worked hard to make sure our sales presentation is perfect. We made sure we were ready to scale, had a good sales process, and had an out of this world pitch deck. We know potential clients are going to look at our Instagram, our blog, see what kind of content we are putting on LinkedIn, the brand is really important.