How HyperSphere Helps Recruiters Speed up Their LinkedIn Recruiting of New Candidates

As the impending recession approaches, people will be losing their jobs and looking for new ones daily. There are still 10.7 million available jobs in the United States as of June 2022. This is less than the months prior, but still, jobs are ready and waiting to be filled. 


Since HyperSocial is sadly no stranger to lay-offs, we wanted to share our platform, HyperSphere, with recruiters in hopes that it can help with recruiting and staffing outreach on LinkedIn.

Not all LinkedIn automation software is created equal, but some are known for certain qualities they help most with. HyperSphere is going to be your best friend when it comes to personalizing and humanizing your LinkedIn outreach.


With templates, tools, and dynamic placeholders, HyperSphere makes sure that each person you contact will feel that a person wrote the message, not a robot. 

What is HyperSphere?

HyperSphere is the safest, most powerful, hyper-personalized LinkedIn automation tool that helps you build outreach campaigns through your LinkedIn account.

HyperSphere’s Features

With HyperSphere, you can reach out to prospective hires without being too aggressive by incorporating soft touches along with direct messages. You can automate visiting profiles, following profiles, liking posts, etc.


Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a LinkedIn search, a LinkedIn group, or a CSV of emails, HyperSphere will send requests to every person you are interested in contacting without going over LinkedIn’s connection limits. 


The second someone answers your messages, the automation will stop. This way people won’t receive any robotic answers once they have stated that they are there and typing. You can answer every response however you see fit and have real conversations with the people interested in chatting.


The options are endless with HyperSphere. And it’s a recruiter’s dream. You can run as many campaigns as you need to at once, so you can constantly be on the hunt for new people to hire and place. 


If you’re interested in hearing more details about our platform or have any questions, book a call with the team! 



HyperSocial can help you with your outreach 

HyperSocial’s goal is to help B2B businesses, staffing, and recruiting firms, and others to humanize their outreach while keeping a positive presence on LinkedIn. 

Check out more about it here!


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