How LinkedIn Sales Navigator Can Improve Your Connection Rate

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a platform that helps businesses reach the right prospects, build relationships, generate leads, and convert these leads. It’s a great tool that allows companies to use filters and search features to find prospects more likely to convert.

Many businesses fail to have the right strategy for finding prospects. While their product may be great – even the best in their industry – if a company does not promote it to the right audience, they will not get sales or generate leads.

Sales Navigator is a great way to improve your connection rate, generate more leads, and tap into LinkedIn’s network to find the right prospects.

LinkedIn has a complex algorithm that decides how many connection requests you can send out daily.

Essentially, the more people who accept your invitation, the more connection requests they let you send. A good way to get your account into trouble is by sending tons of connection requests that are ignored and not accepted by anyone you send them to.

Here are tips on using Sales Navigator to improve your connection rate.

How LinkedIn Sales Navigator Can Improve Your Connection Rate

Sales Navigator is a professional way to reach prospects. It provides a direct way to message people by sending targeted messages and focusing on high-quality prospects that can help your brand grow. It can connect you with the right professionals who are more likely to accept a connection and engage with you.

For example, if you use your 2nd-degree network and select the Sales Navigator filter called ‘posted in the last 30 days,’ we have seen our average connection rates always be above 50%.

We looked at the United States and examined the 151 current industries businesses can list themselves under on LinkedIn.

While there are many people in some industries, it doesn’t always mean there are active platform users. Here are the topmost active users on LinkedIn by industry in 2022.

Most users by industry in the United States

Industry Total Users (approximate)
Hospital & Health Care 8,000,000
Retail 5,000,000
Information Technology and Services 4,000,000
Construction 4,000,000
Education Management 4,000,000
Financial Services 3,000,000
Real Estate 3,000,000
Higher Education 3,000,000
Health, Wellness and Fitness 3,000,000
Computer Software 2,000,000

Top 10 most active users by industry in the United States:

Industry Total Users (~) Posted in last 30 days Active posting user %
Restaurants 1,000,000 110,000 11.00%
Venture Capital & Private Equity 110,000 11,000 10.00%
Staffing & Recruiting 650,000 55,000 8.46%
Professional Training & Coaching 380,000 31,000 8.16%
Computer Software 2,000,000 160,000 8.00%
Marketing & Advertising 2,000,000 150,000 7.50%
Public Relations & Communications 440,000 33,000 7.50%
Financial Services 3,000,000 200,000 6.67%
Computer & Network Security 350,000 23,000 6.57%

Use Sales Navigator Today to Improve Your Connection Rate

Sales Navigator offers businesses all sorts of benefits.

Not only can it increase your visibility and improve your connection rate, but it can also help you reach the right prospects, build stronger professional relationships, and convert more leads.


If You’re Wondering How to Use Sales Navigator, We Can Help

LinkedIn Sales Navigator not only allows you to find and convert more leads but also gives you invaluable insights to help you close deals using a human-centred approach. If you need help with your LinkedIn strategy today, the folks at HyperSocial are here to help.

We can help turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generation machine.

At HyperSocial, our goal is to change how you do your B2B marketing and sales. We can help you build a LinkedIn profile that connects you with clients and enables you to grow your business. We can optimize your LinkedIn profile to help you reach your ideal prospects and connect with hundreds of leads each month with our LinkedIn messaging service.

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