Think the only way to grow on Linkedin is with paid ads? Feel like there’s no real way to scale outreach efforts without hiring a lead generation team?

Think again.

Linkedin Is the #1 place for B2B sales. With 260 million active users and more joining Linkedin every second, it’s the perfect place to find viable prospects.

At HyperSocial, we’ve designed a lead generation system that’s easily cus-tomized to suit your business goals. Together, we can fill your sales pipeli-ne and make 2020 your year. 

Our team personalizes every campaign on a case by case basis. Unlike many other lead generation companies, we don’t plop your campaign into software and cross our fingers. With us, everything Is personal and data-driven. By split testing your messaging with segmented audiences, we deliver qualified leads on autopilot
HyperSocial is the perfect lead generation solution for businesses looking to spend less for more. The average American lead generation expert demands at least $3,600 per month, but we’re only charging a tiny fraction of that.

We'll Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Social Selling

Once a request Is sent out people will click and view your profile.

Polished profiles attract Ideal prospects, making them far more Inclined to convert into fiercely loyal customers.

And with our team of skilled copywriters and researchers on your side, we ensure all continued messaging builds long-term trust and adds tangible value to your audience.

We’ll Single Out Your Ideal Prospect

45% of LinkedIn users are CEOs, VPs, and directors — key decision-makers.

LinkedIn makes it possible to filter based on company geography, industry, and size, so we can get their eyeballs on your profile.

We’ve connected businesses with executives from all kinds of companies, including Hilton, UnitedHealth Group, WeWork, Conair, Rockefeller Capital Management, and more.

We can do the same for you.

We’ll Connect with Hundreds of Leads Every Month

We send out up to 100 daily connection requests to hyper-targeted prospects. That’s 2100 connection requests per month.

The best part?

The connections are personalized, the outbound messages are meticulously crafted, and the sequences will continually be optimized to ensure you get the highest connection acceptance rate possible.


We’ll Build A Personal Relationship Through Messaging

Whether your goal is to get people on sales calls, take prospects out for drinks, or send coupons to test drive your offer, our lead generation system will help you scale your outreach in a personal way.

With our auto follow-up system, you can rest assured that we’ll generate leads on autopilot — you don’t even have to lift a finger. Just like that old rotisserie chicken commercial, you can simply set it and forget it.

Don't Take Our Word For It

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Scale Your Leads With Our Dedicated Team Of Lead Generation Experts

With us, you’ll get your own dedicated growth manager. They’ll work closely with you to provide feedback on all your offers, positioning, profile optimization, and audience targeting. This way, you’ll be able to build a sustainable roadmap to scale (and kick your competition to the curb).