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Finishing your LinkedIn Profile can take some time. Formatting everything can seem like a headache. No one wants to write an about section that’s too long or upload a blurry profile photo. Before you go ahead and revamp your profile, make sure you are formatting everything correctly.

Personal Profile Image Dimensions

At HyperSocial, we always focus on personal profiles because we help you to grow your network from your LinkedIn account. Find the dimensions and suggestions for personal profiles here.

Profile Photo

Recommended Pixels: 400(w) x 400(h) pixels – 7680(w) x 4320(h) pixels

To ensure that you upload a clear photo, you’ll want to upload a PNG file between 400(w) x 400(h) pixels – 7680(w) x 4320(h) pixels. LinkedIn recommends an image size of 400 X 400 px, but it can accommodate within the aforementioned range, with a max file size of 8MB. JPEGs are another file type that will successfully upload, but PNGs offer higher-quality resolution due to their lack of compression.

Banner Photo

Recommended Pixels: 1584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels

To ensure this banner is clear and enticing, use a PNG that is 1584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels. JPEGs will take a shorter time to upload, but PNGs are going to provide a more aesthetic profile.

Here is a photo showing the pixels for reference!

Company Profile Image Dimensions

When it comes to Company Profiles, the differences are minor but noteworthy.

Profile Photo

Recommended Pixels: 300(w) x 300(h) pixels

You’ll still want to stick with that PNG to make sure the image is high-quality, but the pixels are going to be different here. Your profile photo will present as a square rather than a circle. The recommended pixels for this photo are 300(w) x 300(h) pixels. Typically, this image is a photo of your logo.

Banner Photo

Recommended Pixels: 1128(w) x 191(h) pixels. 

Company banner photos recommended pixels are a little bit smaller than personal photos. These pages are formatted a bit differently than the personal profile. You’ll want this photo to be 1128(w) x 191(h) pixels. 

Here’s an example of the pixels for our more visual readers!

Written Sections of the Personal Profile

When it comes to the word-based sections, the formatting will be about character and word count.

About Section

Character limit: 2,600

The about section has a 2,600-character limit, which works out to be about 285-500 words. You should aim to keep this section on the shorter side. The first 215 characters are key because, after that, the user will have to click “…see more” to read the rest.


Character limit: 220 

The headline is the shortest part of the LinkedIn Profile. You’ll have a 220-character limit on this section. We recommend making sure the first 20 characters state your current title since typically, about 20-30 characters are shown in the search bar when searching on a desktop.

Experience Section

Character limit: 2,000

Each job description has a 2,000-character limit. Keeping the character limit on the lower side is going to be a good idea here. You don’t want your experience section to be longer than your about section. Our recommendation is to keep your experience around 800-850 characters.


Character limit: 3,000

For recommendations, you will have 3,000 characters to send a personalized message asking for a recommendation, as well as 3,000 characters to write a recommendation for someone. You can keep recommendations you write for others around 700-1000 characters. Make sure to write a personalized message when sending the request so that whoever receives your request is inclined to write you a recommendation.

Posts from your LinkedIn Page

The content you post from your page can follow a format as well. Here’s what we recommend.

Written Posts

Character count: 3,000

When you are posting content, you will have a 3,000-character limit, which can be 430-750 words. Keep in mind that sharing a long thoughtful post can be great, but the more you can say in fewer words, the more people are bound to read it all the way through.

Blog Post and Article Link Photos

Recommended Pixels: 1200 x 627 pixels

When you post a blog article to your page, it will pull a featured image to be the thumbnail. The recommended pixels for this are different than for articles and just images.

Sharing an Image

Recommended Pixels:

square: 1080 x 1080px

portrait: 1920 x 1080px

When you share images in a post, these pixels will be the most optimized for LinkedIn viewers. This works when sharing one image, or numerous!

HyperSocial can help with all this and more!

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