Our Most Successful B2B Clients: What They’re Doing on LinkedIn to Reach Crazy Results.


As a dedicated LinkedIn account manager, my job is to communicate with clients on a daily basis, check the responses they are getting back to their automated sequences, and make sure their accounts are running smoothly. 

I currently manage over 30 LinkedIn accounts on a daily basis. And these accounts are real people, with real businesses, that 

are getting real results from our LinkedIn campaigns.  

As a trained scientist with a M.S. degree, this gives me data (the only thing you can ever really trust). Hard core facts. My one true love (shh don’t tell Braden). 

Not only do I get to see who is getting the best results, but I get to talk to clients as well and learn more about WHY they are getting these results as well. 

Yes, HyperSocial re-writes your profile to be optimized for sales. Yes, HyperSocial writes bad-ass automated messaging campaigns that position you as an expert in your field, give your new connections value before ever asking said connections to get on a sales call. And that in and of itself is going to give you great results. 

But this is to let you know about how you can get the most ROI possible. No one wants to be mediocre. They want to be THE BEST. The clients that are getting an ROI that is at 3,015%

And it goes beyond our LinkedIn campaign. And I’m here to tell you 4 tips to make your LinkedIn campaign as successful as possible.

1. Post on LinkedIn consistently.

Depending on your package, with an average connection rate of all of our clients hovering around 22%, you will be getting roughly 6-22 new connections each day. We can only give new connections a few tidbits as to why you are an expert in your field and position you so much within a few messages to their inbox. Messages can only be so long and only have so much content in them as to not overwhelm anyone and turn people off.

When combined, our customers average reply rate is currently at 26.1%. 

There are a lot of factors that go into people responding, including the content that is in messaging. HyperSocial works hard to make sure the messaging we send out is getting the best reply rate possible! But one factor that I have tended to see that is outside of our control and completely in yours is that clients who post regularly on LinkedIn have higher reply rates. 

There’s a few reasons why posting can be beneficial: 

  • It gives your new connections a chance to see more of your content and that you really are an expert in your field. A few messages can sell some people, but other people are going to be harder to crack.
  • Even if they don’t reply, people can still see your LinkedIn posts. And with consistent posting, they could even see something in a post that catches their interest a few weeks or months down the line, and go back to your message and respond.

You are paying for these new connections. Some people are going to slip through the cracks of our awesome messaging. Engage them even more with awesome posts that position you even more as an expert in your field! I’m going to turn into Nike for a second and tell you to JUST DO IT.

Like any social media platform, LinkedIn has its own algorithm. Here’s a helpful article from HootSuite that simply explains the algorithm and how plan your posts accordingly.

(Now, if consistent posting on LinkedIn is not your thing, or you simply just don’t have the time, let us know. We would love to be able to help you out with it!) 


2. Make sure your sales pitch is perfect. 

Our service is going to get you great lead flow. I promise. That is my job! 

But when it comes to selling, that’s all on you. Which is a good thing, because you don’t want your account manager to pitch your services. I am not a natural born seller like Braden and our sales team. 

I’ve talked to our clients who have high closing rates from the leads they get with HyperSocial and here’s some things they’ve told me as to why: 

  1. They have a sales team they pass their leads off to that is professionally trained and all their entire job is to close prospective clients.
  2. They have invested time into personally learning how to have a great close rate.
  3. After making sure their in-person or on the phone pitch is perfect, they follow-up with a pitch deck that is out of this world. This is especially important if what you are selling is a high ticket item or service.They have done the research to make sure their pitch deck is perfect themselves or hired an outside professional to help them.


Luckily if your pitch is not perfect yet, we are going to give you lots of leads to make sure you can practice, work out some kinks, and get it perfect! 

3. Have great and consistent brand presentation on ALL of your channels. 

Because of the volume of people we are asking to connect with you on LinkedIn, you are going to have a high volume of people coming to check out your LinkedIn page to see who you are and what you are about. 

If they are interested in learning more about your businesses based on your profile they are going to check out your website. If they are loving your brand and want to know even more they might check out your instagram, facebook, or even twitter page. 

Having a good brand presentation on all platforms your business is engaging on is crucial into turning people into your businesses fans. It is crucial to make it consistent so they can easily understand your core values, what makes you different from your competitors so that they easily know you are the one they can turn to with the service or product you are offering for them!


4. Continue to follow-up with leads until they actually tell you no, not interested!

We recently chatted with one of our clients and Co-Founder of Devebyte who when asked about advice he’d give for prospective HyperSocial clients said, “assume they are interested until you get an actual, ‘No. I am not interested in your services’.” And this is really important! 

The B2B sales process on average takes eight touch points to guarantee prospecting success. 

Now with HyperSocial, we can drastically shorten the amount of touches because we are going directly to your ideal audience’s LInkedIn inbox. I see on a daily basis clients get scheduled meetings and calls immediately after connecting or with one-follow up message as well. It’s part of the reason your LinkedIn campaign is so powerful! BUT, unfortunately, there are going to be people who need more follow-up. And this is all about how to get THE MOST ROI you possibly can from your LinkedIn campaign. 

With our packages, the more $$ the package, the more follow-up messages, and there’s a reason for that! The more you

‘touch’ your new connection, the higher likelihood you have they will respond positively! (Very different from if you were to touch them in real life). 

Now, if you currently are on a package with us that has a  4-5 message sequence follow-up I would not recommend this next step, and start on step 2. I do see there’s a law of diminishing returns after 5 messages with no response on LinkedIn – personally testing it with my guinea pig account, CEO of Hypersocial, Braden If you are already on a plan with us that includes email, you can skip step 2 as well! 

But there are going to be some people who are going to require more follow-up. Here’s 2 steps you can take to continue to follow-up with your leads: 

Step 1: Continue to message your new connections on LinkedIn up to 5 messages of no response. We typically spread 5 messages out across 30 days. If you want to do a 6th, I’d recommend it would come a month or two after the 5th. 

Step 2: Set-up an email campaign to the A and B groups listed below. We started offering this additional service after months of testing it with my guinea pig, and after several clients came to us and told us they were getting 3x more meetings after running email campaigns to these Linke

dIn targets: 

People who have not responded after 30 days (People you can find in your ‘withdrawn’ tab in your google sheet). 

  • You will only have their LinkedIn URL from us, but there’s softwares like Snov.io that can pull emails and let you know the validity so you don’t damage your domain health.
  • People who have connected and not responded  (You have access to this information from your google sheet as well and these targets already have their emails included as well).

For email campaigns, we use lemlist because you can include pictures, gifs, and have really creative ways to make your emails super fun and super personal! 

If you don’t have time for any of this, we do run these exact email campaigns and would love to do so for you as well! Just let us know so we can add this service for you. 


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